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Children's Book, Flashcards and Scavenger Hunt Puzzle

"Rewarding effort, embracing healthy outdoor activities and challenging individuals to get into motion is what the books, flashcards and scavenger hunt puzzle are all about through interactive reading, music and memory games." -Nicole Weller


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Let's Play Golf 2nd edition book / Ebook ©2011 / @2021

Let's Play Golf focuses on the fundamentals of golf such as putting, chipping, sand play and long game, as well as rules and manners, safety, terms, math skills, the game's history, equipment, attire and much, much more. After completing each exercise, youngsters can earn points towards goals created together with families and coaches!

Author Nicole Weller brings more than 15 years of sports psychology to her audience through instruction, passion, and unique presentation ability. The book has received rave reviews by coaches, instructors, parents and youngsters alike! Click here for reviews about Nicole.

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Big Thoughts from Little Golfers:
Memorable Quotes during Youth Golf Lessons
book / Ebook


Big Thoughts from Little Golfers is a wonderful collection of quotes from youngsters ages 2 through teen that made Nicole's social media Quote of the Day throughout the past years, a great read for parents, grandparents, families and any adult golf enthusiast who appreciates children's humor! What especially leaves an impression during youth golf lessons are the heart-warming, random, and refreshingly innocent truths that erupt from them at any given moment. The book also contains tips for adults on helping to provide the best family sports experience for all involved.

Perfect for parents, grandparents, coaches, sports enthusiasts and teachers who enjoy the refreshing and spontaneous comments from youngsters in life... many will be sure to bring a smile to one's face!


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Match Play Golf Flashcard Game ©2014

Each deck has 13 beautifully-illustrated golf terms in the form of double cards from Let’s Play Golf. Learn the images then play a matching memory game. The flashcards can be used anywhere... play at a table, on wet grass, on sand, while waiting at an appointment, during a Youth Golf Program and during Family Game Time!

Cards may be left face-up for younger children in an effort to make matches easier or left face down when a turn is over to improve upon memory. Competition at this age is not recommended but an overall team effort to help achieve the goal.

Any card with asterisks indicate an activity that can be done for 3-5 repetitions during the game to promote motion and healthy activity!

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I thought the game was wonderful... I see it as a nice addition to what we do and learning of the many parts to golf. I could see different types of cards for different ages and levels of learning.  Tom Morton, 2014 PGA Youth Golf Leader

My 2 year old son loves your book. My wife told me she caught him studying it and pointing at it like he was reading it the other day. He was reading it again today, put his golf balls into his shopping cart and grabbed his clubs to go play. He's eager for Spring and can't wait to get out to the range.  PGA Professional Mike Wenzel

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Golf Scavenger Hunt Puzzle  @2023

You know Coach Nicole can't help but tying in education and hands-on activities into projects for youngsters! This 2-in-1 educational activity challenges children to create a 54-piece busy golf scene adapted from Nicole's book Let's Play Golf and then find specific characters and golf terms within the puzzle... it's like a big golf party while learning new terms and images!  Create, learn, enjoy and then take apart to do it again!

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Launching October 16, 2023...  Perfect for holiday gifts!