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Meet the Kids!

Each one was chosen to be a part of the Let's Play Golf family because they have different interests and aren’t afraid to try new things. 



Favorite School Subject:
Spelling – I won my grade’s spelling bee and was almost the winner school wide! I study spelling all the time.

Why Golf: My dad got me into golfing with him last summer and I’ve loved it ever since.



Favorite School Subject:
P.E. – I LOVE being outside and playing kick ball, running, being on the monkey bars, whatever. If it’s a sport, I want to play it!

Why Golf: Why not golf? It’s fun!



Favorite School Subject:
History – I like learning about how things used to be a long time ago. I think it helps us make decisions today.

Why Golf: I’m not the tallest or the fastest kid in my class so I thought golf might be good to try.




Favorite School Subject:
Math – The thing I love about math is that it is precise; you always know that two plus two is four.  And golf uses math skills, perfect!

Why Golf: I picked up a putter for the first time in gym class and it just felt right in my hand.



Favorite School Subject:
Reading – I LOVE books, I’ll read anything I can get my hands on, fiction or non-fiction it doesn’t matter.

Why Golf: My mom has been golfing for years, so I asked to go with her one day and she said yes.



Favorite School Subject:
Science – I love doing experiments. My last science project was watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly, totally cool!

Why Golf: I’m able to relax and have fun when I’m on the golf course… I also love sending that ball a long wa


(Joined in 2023)

Favorite School Subject:
Foreign Language – It's so cool to be able to communicate with someone in another language.  Did you know there are about 7,000 languages in the world?!? I want to learn as many as I can :)

Why Golf: I have a few friends I like to play with and it's like a fun girls golf club!  We even have a secret Girls Golf Handshake we use after playing a round or practicing.  I also love spending time with my Dad on the course, it's our thing that we've always done together.


(Joined in 2023)

Favorite School Subject:
Science and Social Studies -  Looking at maps and all the different countries is fun for me. I like learing about animals in different countries and am also learning about our states and capitols right now. Not all countries have states, capitols and presidents, some even have kings and queens!

Why Golf: I like being outdoors where it's quiet and peaceful.