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What people are saying about Nicole...

You blew me away with your presentation.  It is one of the best that I have had the pleasure of seeing so far.  You are truly amazing!  You have done so much in your lifetime so far with a lot more to do. (2023 North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce Member)

I thoroughly enjoyed the LAGIOD class yesterday!  The class was fun, informative and I learned sooo much.  I admire and appreciate your expertise and enthusiasm for the sport of golf.  The graduation ceremony was a special touch!! I’m excited about golf and will see you soon for more opportunities! (2023 Compass Pointe Member)

Nicole, it was wonderful meeting you. You are one of the best teachers I have ever had, both in sports and academics! Thank you, for such a wonderful experience. I appreciate all the advice and extra information. (Yana Billet, 2023 Student) 

Nicole's book, Stick to Sports: Let's Play Golf is a great book, every program should have it. The girls went nuts for it and more importantly they are learning from it. This is the way to go if we are going to grow the game, it has to be fun and different and this book covers those bases as well as anything. I love it and plan on buying more!! (Rick Grayson, 2011 PGA National Junior Leader)

Chapter on Nicole Weller in Pro's Pros: Extraordinary Club Professionals Making Golf Great! (2013, Joel Zuckerman) 

I am a novice golfer who had the privilege or taking lessons from Nicole Weller, who suggest I join the Farm Team. I will never be a skilled golfer but I have had access to the best and the brightest this winter. A veteran member of The Landings commented yesterday 'We are so lucky to have Nicole at The Landings. She is a great golfer and a great instructor who makes sure we have fun with the game." She brings calm enthusiasm and professionalism to every golf meeting, relaxing her students with her smile and offering suggestions and assistance beyond the golf course. (Landings member)

Nicole, Yesterday I shot an 86. Your lessons are paying!! This is 3 shots and 5 days removed from me shooting my age, since this week is my 83rd birthday. (Landings member)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your help this past year. What you have done/do for ... makes his life so much better. We are humbled and grateful. (Landings member)

Good morning... Thought I'd share with you that I had my best round during a tournament on Friday - a 78! Had 4 birds - something that is not in my usual game. Thanks for your help. (Landings member)

Our grandchildren had a wonderful time. Thank you for making their holiday vacation at The Landings extra-special. You really do a wonderful job with the kids... believe me, a very special talent. Both commented on how much they like Miss Nicole and how nice she is and how smart she is... the kudos just keep coming. What can I say without over-effusing... but thank you. We are sooo lucky to have you and your husband. Our most sincere thanks. (Landings members)

Thank you and your husband for a very fun and education evening... We all very much appreciate both your superior teaching skills and the very personable manner in which you deliver them to us. (Landings member)

I wanted to thank you for the excellent Rick Jensen seminar you hosted. I not only thoroughly enjoyed myself, I also took invaluable tools with me that I am sure will help my game. The arrangements were flawless. I was proud to be a member, particularly when I met several PGA folks from off the island who were truly impressed not only with the presentations but what our Club offers us from all aspects. (Landings member)

I played Palmetto today and had an 80. Sank a lot of long putts. I know I was playing well. Didn't know my front 9 score, just that it was low. Your teaching has been so helpful and I'm still pretty excited about that score. Thanks for all your support! (Landings member)

I enjoyed the pictures from the workshop. It was a nice added touch. Your thorough planning was well appreciated. I know the participants had a good time and learned a lot about themselves. (Dr. Jean Harris, 2006 LPGA Teacher of the Year)

The workshop was a success. Very nice job planning and organizing the day. The pace was perfect. I felt the information easy to grasp and I liked your student demonstration! (Teresa Zamboni, LPGA Top 50 Instructor)

Thanks again for putting on the Mental Golf Workshop seminar. Carol and I talked over supper and we both felt the workshop was a big hit. Your live lesson was the biggest hit of all. When I got home, I had this email to warm my heart. You just never know when and how you impact someone's life with profiles. If 50 CEO's company owners had seen your live lesson today, 20 of them would have hired you on the spot to consult with them to get that kind of coaching going in their company. (Bobby Foster, Owner, Mental Golf Workshop Profile)

First of all, thanks for the lovely note you were kind enough to send me following my recent lesson. In all my years of golf lessons, no one has ever had the courtesy to do that. Not looking over my shoulder but opening my stance and squaring the club has made my long game much more consistent. Thanks for the great help! (Landings member)

Well, after see you today and hearing you say "Just keep that feeling you had on the range" I went out and posted my best round ever here at The Landings!!!!!! A 77 at Deer Creek and I lipped out two birdie putts!!! You are a magician... a very loud applause is coming to you now and from all those that I will tell this story to! Thanks again... (Landings member)

You're the Golf Whisperer! (Landings member)

Had a WONDERFUL day and round. Hit the ball quite consistent. Everyone was impressed! I played RELAXED, BALANCED and LIGHT! Yay!! Even hit two par fours in regulation... yeah again! Thank you so much, Nicole, for your patience and caring. (Landings member)

I wanted you to know I worked a lot on what you showed me on the range last week and went out to Oakridge, used your coaching and mental game and shot the best (and more fun) round I have had in over a year and a half. This time I was able to recover and finish the last 5 holes in 1 under!!! Shot 81. The score was not what excited me. It was being able to turn it around out there with your swing thoughts and get into the mind set we talked about. I had a ball!! (Landings member)

Many thanks for your positive approach and a wonderful lesson. While my young grandson may have acted a little shy, he was thrilled with the lesson. Again, you were terrific. (Landings member)

Thanks again for organizing the fun day at the tournament. Our group is expanding and people wanting to spin off, so I shared the format with them. It's working great for us. You are an outstanding addition to the Landings professional team. (Landings member)

I want to thank you again for what a great teacher I think you are. I feel very blessed that our paths have crossed. I love the way you had me be the one to figure out how I could be more successful in swinging the club. By discovering it, I can own it and keep it. Thank you for your wonderfulness. (Landings member)

I can't tell you just how much I enjoyed my golf lesson with you (and the clinic too) and wish I had had them years ago. It helped to no end and sorted out all sorts of muddles in my mind. Not only was it hugely helpful but a lot of fun as well. Thank you very much indeed for your help. I have your card in my bag with your 'helpful reminders' for coping with some of my concepts. Thank you again for all your help and for writing and sending photos, which are a lovely reminder of what we accomplished and what fun it was. (international guest of a Landings member)

What a marvelous clinic you had for our friends. They all loved it and it was, on top of the great instruction, such fun. I shone in your reflective glory! Then to have the little chipping competition and the prizes with everything - knowing their names and as you always do, personalizing it all, so everyone felt really special. To add to all that you took the videos and then sent each one of them a reminder sheet. What a wonderful thing to do. Thank you, thank you for everything and contributing to my five-day memorable birthday party! (Landings member)

Thank you for the congratulations card. It reminded me I have been meaning to let you know about progress on my game. I told you my goal was to get my index down to what it was last time. WITH A LOT OF HELP FROM YOU, it's moved from over 12 to about 9. Knowing it takes time to see the long term effects of lessons, I doubt you get to hear about your successes too often. Count me on that list. You're a good instructor and an asset to the club. Keep up the good work. (Landings member)

Fantastic news about your award. CONGRATULATIONS!!! We hope YOU are as proud of this great award as the residents are of you. You and your husband are such a great credit to our Club and to our community. You have helped in so many ways... we are blessed to have your as our PGA Golf Instructor and as our friend. Now about this issue with my back swing... :) (Landings member)

Just a thank you for your call today inquiring about how I was feeling... it was very thoughtful of you and I really appreciate your concern. I have really enjoyed lessons with you - the first time that has ever happened with a teacher - and am looking forward to our next session. Again, many thanks! (Landings member)

(Letter to student from pro after playing in a Pro-Am on Champion's Tour) Bob, I was impressed with your pre-shot routine and the fundamentals that you have acquired from your teacher. Tell her for me that she has done a great job with your swing! (Mark Hayes)

My wife and I have learned so much from you about the game of golf. For me you have opened up new dimensions to the game that I have never really understood before. For the first time I understand the physical, psychological,and emotional elements of the game and how you need to integrate this to create a good golf experience. Golf is more fun than ever thanks to you. (Landings member)

(Letter from a mother of a 4-year old guest student) Thank you so much for your email advice on starting him of. I so admire how you can connect and communicate with him. You know how to make it fun which helps the kids listen and learn. He was thrilled to receive your card! He has written back by himself and below is the translation: Dear Miss Nicole, I really had a fun time with you. I love you Miss Nicole! At the bottom he drew a heart and a smiley face and to the right of that he drew himself and you holding hands. He is not particularly keen on writing as yet but he really wanted to write something for you. Usually he'll dictate and I'll write and he signs. Thank you so much! (Landings guest's mother)