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"'Lets Play Golf' is a great book, every program should have it. The girls went nuts for it and more importantly they are learning from it. This is the way to go if we are going to grow the game, it has to be fun and different and this book covers those bases as well as anything. I love it and plan on buying more!!"

- Rick Grayson, 2011 PGA Junior Leader of the Year

"Undoubtedly, the best golf book in the industry for introducing children to the game of golf, AND more importantly, ensuring that they develop a love for the game. Nicole Weller has set the standard for how to introduce children to the game of golf."

- Dr. Rick Jensen, Sports Psychologist

"An excellent book… it’s obvious that Nicole has a very clear understanding of children, their imaginations and learning needs!"

- Laura Diaz, LPGA Tour Champion

"Stick to Sports: Let’s Play Golf understands that the most important element of teaching kids anything is making it fun. The words, pictures, and stickers make the game easy to understand and follow, and children age 4 and up will learn the fundamentals, not only the swing but the etiquette and traditions that make golf so special. Introduce your kids to the greatest game of all with Let’s Play Golf!"

- James A. Frank, former editor, GOLF Magazine

"Golf can be an intimidating game for anyone to learn, especially younger children. Let’s Play Golf breaks down all the essentials that anyone needs to know to get started. This wonderfully illustrated book will draw kids into the sport and will tee them up for long-term success in this game of a lifetime."

- Cheryl Anderson, 2006 LPGA National Teacher of the Year

"Thanks so much for sending along Stick to Sports: Let’s Play Golf. It’s been a big hit with my 4 ½ year old son Jack! He particularly enjoyed the “I spy with my little eyes” check list game and the stretching exercise lesson, especially the create your own stretch. The sticker element was also a big hit. I look forward to taking the book with us next time we visit the course."

- Ryan Nally, Senior Marketing Manager, Sports Illustrated Golf Group

"How many times would I be able to click like on this book! You cover it all and I'm really excited about what I've learned this week. The book is definitely the icing on the cake. I am now inspired to turn my teaching focus to junior golf. Thank you. By the way, did I tell you I love the book. Can't wait to get it into the parents hands. Even the beginner hands. Etiquette, fitness, emphasis on the "game" part of golf. We "play" games. What a great training tool for staff to learn golf. So simple, yet thorough. Did I tell you I love the book?"

- Wayne 'Gooch' Yamaguchi

"My nieces and nephews have enjoyed your Stick to Sports: Let's Play Golf book. They are now gaining an interest in what their Uncle Jimmy does for a living. I believe once the kids understand golf from the 'fun' viewpoint, they will want to get more involved, especially if they have have this fun with friends and family. Nice work on the book and the promotion of golf as a fun and positive thing for kids to do!"

- Jim Hackenberg (Orange Whip Trainer)

"While Nicole Weller encompasses the game of golf for children in this charming book, Let’s Play Golf, Jennifer Zivoin brings to full color life engaging little friends to help along the way. “Let’s Play Golf” is a great tool for learning life’s greatest sport in a fun and complete way. First Nicole introduces the game and the responsibilities that come with the game then enters the different clubs with shot descriptions. Her defining motions through exercise and expressive metaphors are a wonderful way to learn the game for a child. Safety is always a major factor in teaching golf and as Nicole explains the game in great detail she challenges students with steps for success through her mini chapter reviews and rewards. I believe that if a parent desired to introduce the game of golf to their child, with the help of this book, they would be able to complete an introduction to the game while the child becomes ready for formal instruction. "

- Rita Mehrens-Scheunemann (Golf Professional and Owner Star PutterTM)

-Review mentioned by Dr. Rob Bell (January 31, 2012)