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New Golfer Programs

Hosted by Nicole Weller

Compass Pointe Golf Club, Leland NC near Wilmington



   Learn About Golf in One Day Women's Group School

Class Information: $299 billed to credit card.  4-day cancellation policy to fill spot with student from wait-list or charged to member account if unable to fill with late notice.  Register via this Uschedule link with your username/password (can request reset) or Nicole at nicolewellergolf@gmail.com.  Get added to the Wait List if booked, contact Nicole - nicolewellergolf@gmail.com or 912-695-5211!


  Learn About Golf in One Day Biz / Custom Golf School for Businesses & Corporations

Class Information: Local area businesses and companies can create a team building environment through the perfect golf experience with Nicole. Take a Learn about Golf in a Day course or have Nicole customize a program to suit your company's needs.  Guaranteed fun, learning, team-building exercises, loaner equipment, add-on meal and other items - make it a special day at the golf course! Contact Nicole - nicolewellergolf@gmail.com or 912-695-5211!



    Learn-About-Golf Individual Series for Men and Women   

For those who can't attend a one-day event or would like to begin sooner, Nicole has a custom program for 1, 2 or 3 adult male or female students that can be arranged within three 1.5-hour sessions within 2-3 weeks.  Easy to get started on your own or with a friend, contact Nicole at nicolewellergolf@gmail.com or 912-695-5211!

Session 1: Introduction, Equipment, Putting, Chipping

Session 2: Manual Review, Full Swing, Chip & Putt Course

Session 3: On-Course & Graduation


Fees include 4.5 hours of instruction, training manual, next-steps, loaner clubs during sessions, instruction, cart and more!

1 Student: $465

2 Students: $265 each

3 Students: $195 each


 Practice with a Purpose Sessions for Men and Women    

Come practice under supervision and with a purpose!  

Designed to assist men and women of all levels with good review, tips and practice with the proper drills with morning or late afternoon (for those who work) clinic times.  Open to members of Compass Pointe, Magnolia Greens and Compass Pointe non-member residents or local area golfers. Clinics entail an overview of topic, supervised check-in during practice with each student and a wrap up skills challenge to put the practice into play right there at the practice facility!

• Where: Practice range, practice greens

• Dates & Times Early Summer 2023

     TUESDAYS 9:00-9:45AM

        May 2 - Putting (Read & Speed)

        May 9 - Chipping (plus Pre-Shot Routines chat)

        May 16 - Pitching (plus Hillside Lie adjustments)

        May 23 - Sand Bunker Shots (Greensde and Fairway Bunkers)

        June 6 - Irons / Hybrids (plus Tempo awareness)

        June 13 - Drivers / Woods (plus Tension awareness)

 TUESDAYS 4:00-4:45PM *

        May 2 - Drivers / Woods (plus Tension awareness)

        May 9 - Irons / Hybrids (plus Tempo awareness)

        May 16 - Sand Bunker Shots (Greensde and Fairway Bunkers)

        May 23 - Pitching (plus Hillside Lie adjustments)

        *June 27 (4:30-5:15pm) - Chipping (plus Pre-Shot Routines)

        *July 11 (5:00-5:45pm) - Putting (Read & Speed)

• Cost: $30 via credit card hold at registration

• Cancellation Policy:  Refunds up to 4 days prior to event unless wait-listed student can be filled-in.  Spots are transferrable to another student.

• Register: Uschedule Booking Link or contact Nicole Weller at 912-695-5211 / nicolewellergolf@gmail.com if having registration issues.


Player Pathway for New Golfers at Compass Pointe

Explore a specific Player Pathway custom to the Compass Pointe experience!  Begin at step one as a brand-new golfer one who who has dabbled in the game and would like to review and work their way up the Pathway as far as desired!

Step 1!

Learn About Golf in One Day Introductory Event

9-Hole Challenges

    (Must pass prior level before moving onto the next, maximum score 6 per hole)

    (On-course played after 3pm or off-season Nov-Feb after 2pm when daylight savings ends)

   9-Hole Putt Course Challenge on putting green behind club house

   ● Putt from one hole to the next. Make it different each time. Start within 2 feet of hole.

   ● Set baseline for 9 holes at one time, then beat 1-2 times more.

   9-Hole Course Challenge Putting Only on the golf course greens after 3pm

   ● Place ball 5-10 paces away from the hole.

   ● Begin with 3-5 holes and work up to 9 holes.

   ● Set baseline for 9 holes at one time, then beat 1-2 times more.

   9-Hole Course Challenge Chip & Putt Only on the golf course after 3pm

   ● Place ball 3-5 paces off the green, chip ball onto green and then putt. 

   ● Begin with 3-5 holes and work up to 9 holes.

   ● Set baseline for 9 holes at one time, then beat 1-2 times more.

   9-Hole Course Challenge 7 Iron, Chip & Putt on the golf course after 3pm

   ● Tee up golf ball anywhere from 60-125 yards from the green pending on where you can hit a 7 iron and then have a chip shot and putt          (everyone has a different distance ability).

   ● Begin with 3-5 holes and work up to 9 holes.

   ● Set baseline for 9 holes at one time, then beat 1-2 times more.

Step 2!!

● LAGIOD Graduate New Golfer Practice Sessions

● Small Group Shamble Play

   -Connect with other LGIOD grads and your classmates to make your own tee time after 3pm (or after 2pm off-season during time change)

   - Each player tees off from the CompassTee and then everyone plays her own ball from the best of all drives.  Maximum score of 6 before picking up and moving along.  Keep up with group in front. Fast, fun and friendly!

Step 3!!!

● LAGIOD Level 2 Next Step Event (3-Hour School)

● Compass Course Women's League – Individual Play Division

   - Play with the Thursday afternoon Compass Course League Individual Play Division. 

   - Maximum score of 6 before picking up following the leagues pace of play guidelines… super fun!

● Group Practices and On-Course Tips

   Get a group together and have our professional staff create your very own golf practice workouts for full swing, chipping, pitching, putting, bunkers, hillside lies and course situational practice. You’ll get as good as you practice, let us guide you like a personal fitness trainer!

Step 4!!!!

● 9-Hole League

   Establish a handicap and join the 9-Hole League with pace of play, formats and a fun 9 holes each Thursday.

● 18-Hole League

   Establish a handicap and join the 18-Hole League with pace of play, formats and a full 18 holes each Thursday.

● Form your own groups. Play with your own friends and family for 9 or 18 holes!

● Compass Pointe Lessons and Golf Education Programs

   Work with our professional golf and teaching staff to further your game through individual lessons, series, golf group practice sessions or   special event schools and program offerings… keep an eye on events developing throughout the year!