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As a member of both the PGA of America and LPGA, Nicole looks forward to sharing her knowledge with current and future golfers alike through informative, enjoyable and inspiring programs. As the first-ever same-year recipient for duo PGA and LPGA National Junior Golf Leader (2013), Nicole serves as a Senior Director for U.S. Kids Golf Coaches Institute and Longleaf Academy in the Pinehurst area as of February 2020.

Nicole's Honors & Recognitions Highlights...

First duo LPGA / PGA National Youth Golf Leader Awards in the same year ('13)

• Nominated in 2020 for both 2019 LPGA Southeast Teacher of the Year and the Nancy Lopez Achievement Award

LPGA Top 50 Teacher ('17, '19, '21)

GRAA / PGA Magazine Elite Status 'Growth of the Game Professional' ('17)

U.S. Kids Golf Master Teacher ('13)

Presenter LPGA National Teaching Summit, PGA National Youth & Family Summits, Proponent Group Summit, PGA Sections

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What's New

• As of February 22, 2021, books and flash cards are now available at the Pinehurst Sandhills Women's Exchange!  Stay tuned for upcoming information for online sales.

• Coming Summer 2021... Book #2!

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