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The Pathway to Golf

Become a New Golfer!

Would you like to learn how to play golf an have little or no experience? Our Pathway to Golf at The Landings Club is perfect and is THE best way to get easily involved in learning and playing the game in our community. Climb as fast and as high as you'd like!

Adult Program Ability Code

B Beginner, 30+ Handicap Golfers, Newer Golfer with No Handicap
I Intermediate, Played some Golf, Novice-Intermediate, High Teen-20's Handicap, Refresher
A Advancing Golfer with Handicaps Mid-Teen and Lower

Pathway Steps in General

B PGA Get Golf Ready - Men, Women and Couples (Entry or Refresher, Level 1)
B LPGA Women's Golf 101 (Entry or Refresher, Level 1)
I Supervised Practices and On-Course Pro-Guided Opportunities
I Train & Play Game Development (Next Step, Level 2)
I Farm Team Custom Play Series of 4 Sessions
I Breaking 100 Program: Entering the Double Digit Zone
A Breaking 90 Program: Breaking Bogey Golf
A Leagues, Group Play and Club Events (New Neighbors, L9GA-LWGA-LMGA)

Pathway Steps in Detail

Step 1. 

PGA Get Golf Ready Program (Level 1): Men, Women, Couples

LPGA Women's Golf 101 Program (Level 1): Women Only

These programs take you through every step of a basic introduction into the game. Our caring and encouraging staff will walk you through basic skills, new golfer questions and how-to's, terminology, etiquette, new golfer modified play formats, on-course experience and much more in a safe and friendly setting. You'll learn all the essentials you need to know at this stage and finish the program feeling like you can already play golf at the most basic level!

Women can choose a Women's Only class or if scheduling doesn't allow, a PGA Get Golf Ready Level 1 Class. They cover the same information but offer different environments.

We offer Individual Series versions of our class in case dates don't work out for your schedule - you can get started in our fun and easy private session or invite a Friend and share the cost!

CLICK HERE to see our dates and times for LPGA Women's Golf 101 group and individual programming

CLICK HERE to see our dates and times for PGA Get Golf Ready Level 1 group and individual programming

Step 2.

Practice and On-Course Pro-Guided Opportunities 

First Learn, Now Practice! Following a Level 1 program, students can join Nicole Weller practice both at the practice range or on-course. Keep the basic ideas progressing with these all-important continuation sessions that area easy, fun and a perfect step to the next level! CLICK HERE to see a schedule of Practice with a Purpose sessions.

First Learn, Now Play! Students can create one or more group session with up to 3 students and play several holes of golf with Nicole or another TLC Golf Professional arranged by Nicole for course feedback and many other useful tips (Pace of Play, where to leave clubs, how to drive the cart, which club to use and much more!). Students can utilize a Lesson Share Rate to save on cost while enjoying helpful time on the course with the TLC staff to guide you through your new golf adventures!

Play with the Pro Information:

Location: Nicole @ Deer Creek or other TLC Golf Professional Staff arranged by Nicole

Class Size: 1-3 students

Open to: All Landings Club membership levels and their guests graduating from a Level 1 class

Cost: $84 if 1 person, $52 / person if 2 players, $42 / person if 3 players

How to register: Contact Nicole (912-695-5211) to match up schedules

Step 3. 

Train & Play Game Development Level 2 Program 

This short two-day program builds upon the basic skills learned in Level 1, as well as introducing next-step information pertaining to the game's rules, best practice habits, course strategy for optimal scoring,etiquette review and more. This program is offered to both graduates of a Level 1 program, as well as those re-entering the game with prior experience needing a refresher.

Day One will involve two hours of review and skill-building. Day Two will involve course lessons and strategy. Take your game to the next step and Train & Play in just Two Days!

CLICK HERE to see how to arrange a Train & Play Event...

Step 4.

Launch into Golf with Farm Team Custom Play Series 

Brush up on various skill and game topic tips with the TLC Golf Professional Staff, as arranged by Nicole Weller. Participants can also play up to 9 holes of golf with either a new golfer individual format (The Wave or Par Stroke Scoring) or a team format (scramble or modified alternate shot). This League is a great way to meet out staff, try out some golf at even the most basic level, learn new tips and receive reminders on the basics of golf before playing on the course with new and current friends!

This program will be customized with staff at various courses by Nicole with a 4-day agenda (once/week) and handouts (skill topic to practice and game topic), as well as play formats to try out your new strokes with beginner play formats.

Farm Team Custom Play Series Information: CLICK HERE

Step 5.

Breaking 100 Program: Entering the Double Digit Zone

Looking to Break 100 and need some help? The Possibility of breaking 100 is more in your reach than you think! Feel comfortable being in PGA Teaching Professional Erik Kutz's guidance at Oakridge to assess the areas you need to improve and achieve your goals through his guidance and then creating a plan together, working on the ideas and finally BREAKING the century mark

CLICK HERE to see the Break 100 program schedule.

Step 6.  Breaking 90 Program: Breaking Bogey Golf 

Reach new levels in your game and Break 90! PGA Teaching Professional Erik Kutz at Oakridge will guide you through this program to help bring out the areas essential in scoring below bogey golf.

CLICK HERE to see the Break 90 program schedule.

Step 7. New Neighbors, L9GA-LWGA-LMGA Leagues & Club Events

Now that you're progressing through classes and course play opportunities, once you are more comfortable with how the game moves around the course and you'd like to play more, consider making tee times and playing with friends during the day or joining one of these programs...

Landings 9 Hole Women's Association (L9GA - 9 holes)

Landings Women's Golf Association (LWGA - 18 holes)

Landings Men's Golf Association (LMGA - 9 and 18 hole divisions)

New Neighbors (Couples, Men, Women 9 holes, Women 18 holes)

• Create Your Own Groups and make tee times!

• Play in our fun TLC Club Events - Check the TLC website for individual and team Golf Tournaments.


*Class Policies: The Golf Instruction Staff will cancel the program within 3 days from the first day of that class if class size is less than minimum. Students will be offered the option to work with an instructor in a modified, shortened program format and/or at a different price. Personal cancelation notifications are required up to 3 days prior to the program (the staff appreciates the opportunity to fill the spot with a student from the wait list). In addition, class fees are billed to the member accounts on the day of the class or the last day of a class series. The class fee will not be charged upon cancelation if prior to the 3 day deadline before class begins. On the day of the class, refunds will be available for emergency medical reasons only. Refunds will not be available to participants who voluntarily leave the class, forget to attend or opt to withdraw from the class due to weather if the event is still being held and has not been rescheduled. Every efforts will be made to fill the spot with a wait-listed student, in which case the original class cost will be refunded to the participant who withdrew.

* * * * * * * *

Student Testimonial

Get Ready Golf does just that...gets you ready to play golf in every aspect at a cost efficient price. Once we completed the series, my husband and I felt ready to be on the golf course. Golf rules, proper golf etiquette and "time management" for each hole gave us the confidence that we could play the course without inconveniencing other players. The Golf Professional Staff's great instruction helped us to develop our driving, chipping and putting games. We have a steep learning curve ahead of us...but boy are we having fun with this game!