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Raised in Lakeville, Massachusetts and beginning her golf career near age 4 as her father, Max, took up the game, Nicole Weller rose through youth golf and women's amateur golf competition before playing on scholarship for Wake Forest University, where she earned her B.A. in Psychology ('94). Nicole followed up her collegate career with a master's degree in sport psychology at The University of Tennessee-Knoxville ('95) and proceeded to enter into both the LPGA T&CP and PGA of America certification programs while working as an assistant professional at Cherokee Country Club in Knoxville. Nicole progressed as a teaching professional at Fairways and Green Golf Center in Knoxville, where she grew the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf chapter there from 15 to nearly 80 girls ages 4-17 before moving to Savannah, Georgia, with her husband (PGA member and Head Golf Professional Ty Weller). Nicole currently works with members and their guests at The Landings Club as Head Teaching Professional and is responsible for all golf education programs at the Club.

Nicole is a Class A member of the PGA of America and the LPGA T&CP, as well as a member of Proponent Group. She is U.S. Kids Golf and Spirit of Golf Certified, has attended TPI Junior and is a staff ambassador for The Littlest Golfer, as well as serving on the 2013-2014 / 2017-2019 PGA National Youth Player Development Committee and 2015 PGA Special National Awards Committee.

Nicole has been a presenter at PGA National Youth & Family Summits and the LPGA National Teaching Summit, as well as PGA sections around the country.

Having authored Stick to Sports: Let's Play Golf for children ages 4-8+ (2011) and expanding into the related Match Play Golf educational flaschard memory games in 2014, Nicole is the first duo award recipient in the same year for both the PGA and LPGA Junior Golf leader Awards (2013). She launched Little Golf T.R.A.I.N. with partner Dr. Patricia Donnelly in 2016. This novel online certification and turnkey curricula/kit program helps professionals and industry youth golf coaches learn how to work with youngsters ages 2-5 through various early childhood concepts such as behavior, nutrition, early childhood theory (what can these youngsters do at this age?), safety and golf activities (interpersonal skills, intrapersonal skills, physical movement, fitness, art and music).

Nicole has earned other honors to include GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Teacher, U.S. Kids Golf Master Kids Teacher, Georgia PGA Horton Smith Section Award, Golf Digest Best 50 Women Teachers, Golf Digest Best Young Teacher, Golf Digest Top Teacher in the State, LPGA T&CP Southeast Junior Golf Leader and Teacher of the Year, Georgia PGA East Chapter Teacher of the Year and Inaugural LPGA / Women's Golf Journal Top 50 Teacher.

Nicole enjoys quiet downtime at home, traveling, baking, home improvement projects and beach-time with her husband in Savannah, Georgia. Her background includes a European upbringing, with both parents having immigrated to the U.S. from Germany and Switzerland and a brother who now resides overseas. She has been hanggliding, skydiving and has attained a black belt and competed (weapons, forms, sparring) in the Isshinryu martial arts form.

For further information, videos and product, please visit www.nicoleweller.com.

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